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Welcome to COBO Architecture, a studio for sustainable architecture, urbanism and creative design. Awarded in many occasions, our work has been published and exhibited in several countries.


Here, millions of roads will intersect. Millions of journeys will start and end. Millions of lives, expectations and hopes will meet in the frantic and unaware atmosphere of travel-related places. This is because a station is more than a simple railroad platform, travelling is more than an experience. After all, the journey is the most real and genuine metaphor for the human condition.


ManhatTANK proposes to recover the historical, visual and representative value of these iconic elements within the Big Apple, and endow them with new uses, capable of causing a singular urban regeneration.

The project anchors the view of the past, solving the needs of the present and with an eye on the future.


Sport citadel aims to generate a true acropolis of competitiveness. It will be a global reference to practice, study and celebrate multiple disciplines. Prior to a training space, it will be a space to live. It will be a space where to materialize the dream of harmony, overcoming limits and pursuit of excellency, in which the sport practice is grounded.

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