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Beach Lifestyle / Temporary public services

Quick-assembled prefabricated modules

Brief: "Elements with minimal environmental impact"

Concept of the project: "Duality between full-empty, hard-soft"

2014 / Architectural Design III



E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Valladolid




Asturias, Spain

The idea is to create small prefabricated modules, which will be easy to assemble, with a temporary nature, that solve the basic needs in a beach, such as the surveillance, nursing, toilets, showers, cafeteria…


The shape of the platform for the modules can change depending on the size and needs because the program can be bigger or smaller by adding more modules.

Aldo Van Eyck’s orphanage is taken as a reference for the organization, allowing us to create a free and orderly floor plan that allows different paths, arrangements, and forms.


Everything is developed through two main diagonals of distribution, leaving empty spaces in the paths where bigger affluence of people is expected.


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