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Boats Workshop / Carpenters centre

Housing complex, classrooms and workshop

Brief: "Workshop with access to the port"

Concept of the project: "Need of student spaces and urban connection"

2014 / Architectural Design III



E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Valladolid




Asturias, Spain

This project is located in a small parcel near a nautical port, between dividing walls and occupied with a ruined building.

The program is divided according to the necessary level of privacy (public-private), being the houses in the higher part, and the training spaces at the bottom; this guarantees the relation between the street and the sea, as well as the possibility for passers-by to learn about the collective’s activities.

Some public zones are considered, as well as a street that crosses the parcel towards the port level, and at the same time lights the basement area.

This development band allows the opposite band to generate a public square over the basement, expanding the available urban space and generating a lookout towards the bay and the port.

The top floors are developed around a central yard capable of illuminating the spaces, placing on the facade some movable trusses that give dynamism to the whole element.


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