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Ariza / Community Centre

New social meeting point in a new neighborhood

Brief: "Developed with the railway tunneling"

Concept of the project: "Community center for social and urban needs"

2015 / Architectural Design VI



E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Valladolid



Parque de las Norias

Valladolid, Spain

This project starts from the ‘Rogers’ Plan’, proposed for Valladolid and its complete railway tunneling, as well as the creation of a great green avenue.

Nowadays this zone is occupied by some buildings that were homes, warehouses, and an investigation center. It is scheduled to be torn down.

The project is divided into two complementary volumes, that will hold the necessary spaces in it.

The bigger one will have the more public and attended places, while the smaller one will have more private spaces, such as the library or the public service offices.

In both buildings, the different heights are key within the visual and spatial connections, as some common elements in different spaces can have a visual relation between then, such as the cafeteria or classes with the expositions room or the multifunction one, as you can see in the picture.


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