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Artwork celebrating the 35th-anniversary release of Gremlins in 4K

Captivating and imaginative artwork to help with the promotion and social excitement about the film's anniversary and 4K release.

Brief: "Art activation campaign celebrating the film"

Concept of the project: "The movie is considered a Christmas movie, so we developed a design on this theme"

2019 / Talenthouse



Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 


Traditionally the Christmas mistletoe at the doors, which apart from its romantic meaning, appears as an element of protection of the house so that evil does not enter. The design represents the battle of good against evil, this fight is reflected in the dialogue between the exterior and the interior side of the representation: On the outside, the evil is represented in the Christmas-decorated mistletoe bouquet, the Gremlins appear after the metamorphosis along with their characteristic eye color. In the middle of the illustration, the good is represented through Gizmo's silhouette as he is the main character of the film, being threatened and surrounded by evil.


The design is honoring the original release of the film.  We keep the same poster, even though this time it's a graphic illustration. The design reflects both themes, the 4K launch, and its Christmas theme. Christmas is represented through the idea of the Christmas gift since in the new design, the box is wrapped as a gift. The 4K is represented through the vivid colors of the wrapper, giving the new scene a color that alters the serenity of the original. With the design, we achieved a dialogue between the viewer and his emotions, by recognizing the original poster nostalgically but paying attention to the changes caused by the colors.


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