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Limited Edition packaging for Ballantine's

Bring to life the Orchard Fruit pinches in the Ballantine’s blend

Brief: "Limited Edition Signature Flavour - ‘Orchard Fruits’"

Concept of the project: "How the tasting pinches are brought to life in a contemporary manner"

2019 / Talenthouse



The Ballantine's Brand Team


1- The colors and the curvilinear form aim to evoke the mixture of flavors in our mouths. Like a rich and complex composition, with its sweetness, unctuousness, and velvety character of the peach. All of them are represented through shapes and colors. The spiral with its form represents the feminine side, the softness, and the sweetness. With the dark background, we try to show the masculine side, which reflects the whiskey character, with its old-aged maturation. To sum up, my design aims to display a beverage that is not only the old-fashioned whiskey but also a new flavor with a spark of sweetness and bitterness to give a little twist to the classical whiskey on the rocks.

2- It represents syrups and concentrated juices, with all the small nuances (Represented with the small strokes and colors). Those syrups are floating inside a warming blend of some 21 years old whiskies that give a truly impressive and intense flavor. An explosion of flavor transported directly to our minds.


3/4- It reflects the transition of the flavors inside the mouth; from the most bitter touches to the sweetest ones, a transition that alters our senses. A drink capable of reflecting the passage of time through its transition of flavors, within a game where colors bring the sensation of the fruits' sweetness.


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