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ManhatTANK / Depósitos de vida

Arquia Fellowship Winner

Metamorphosis of New York's watertanks

Brief: "Reuse,a discreet house"

Concept of the competition: "Architect as tourist guide"

2019 / Competition



Arquia foundation



João Luís Carrilho da Graça




New York, EEUU

This project merges from the existence of a singular element, the Watertanks inside New York’s morphology.

Historically the watertanks used to provide the buildings the basic hydrological supplies to live and to guarantee protection from fire… but nowadays the population don’t use them that much, so they are becoming abandoned.

Due to all of this, ManhatTANK proposes to recuperate the historical, representative and visual value of all these iconic elements in the Big Apple, giving them new uses, capable to generate a singular urban regeneration.

This intervention, a minimum one, will generate residential spaces in a singular environment, in an urban area where there is lack of available space. Moreover, this does not just offer the possibility to build homes, but so many other uses, such as lookouts, hotels, meeting points or ports for messaging drones in the future.

This project keeps an eye in the past, solving the necessities of the present, with the other eye in the future.


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