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mediStaion / Relaxation & meditation space

A space of silence within the big city

Brief: "Design a secular chapel"

Concept of the project: "Isolation within chaos"

2017 / Competition



Arquia foundation



Jordi Badia



P. de las Glorias

Barcelona, Spain

The search for silence, for meditation, is not an easy matter, therefore, it must be delicate to reach the space to do it, hidden among nature, which entrance barely shows through a dark crack.

As soon as you enter, that crack flows until it ends up in a larger space, where you start to feel free and the necessity to move forward to some of the platforms.

If you remain silent for a while, there will be a moment in which you feel like you are suspended, out of the scene, everything belongs to you, the silence envelops everything, the atmosphere becomes part of it.

The pavilion is characterized by a curvilinear shape, renouncing to the artificial impression of the corners; in the main volume you can find the platforms placed in diverse levels, with different views, lights and shades. These platforms generate a ‘path’ between the points of proximity between them, while the changes in elevation generate a ‘sensitive privacy’ like the Japanese SAKUTEKI. The bamboo cover seeks the duality of light perceptions.


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