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Modular Modes / InHAUS

Modular prefabrication system

Brief: "Design a modular house"

Concept of the project: "Adaptation to each specific plot, orientation, and design"

2019 / Competition






Fran Silvestre, Moritz Krefter, Stéphane Malka




Adaptative capacity

Starting from the idea of an elegant home design thought for those families that do not require a large surface area but need a spatial quality, a modular and flexible prefabrication system is proposed to adapt to each specific plot and orientation.

Each house is the result of the combination of three transportable modules in two 16x5 meter trucks (160 m² total) corresponding to the different uses within a house:


  • Night

  • Day

  • Service


Thanks to the distribution of the different gaps within the module and the proportionality between them, different morphologies of homes are possible.


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