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MusiARQ / Temporary stage

WINNER - Public Award

Light and shadows as elements of composition

Brief: "Stage for a rock group"

Concept of the competition: "Mandatory a wooden structure"

2016 / Competition









Playa de las Moreras

Valladolid, Spain

The principal idea in this space is the presence of the main stage hanging from a surrounding structure. Its rounded shape aims to give a good acoustic and dispersion.
The stage provokes the audience with the light changes and its strong plasticity, which will provide new sensitive and emotional elements.

The stage tries to find through its composition and shape, the reflection of time and rhythms, thanks to the shadows produced by the cover. These shadows are distorted due to the continuous curvature of the enclosure.

That curved enclosure of the stage, makes it seem as if it was a more solid and heavier element than what it is, thanks to the lightweight wicker screen.

The perimeter gap enables an illumination from inside the cavity producing different ideas and effects depending on its intensity level, allowing the platform to ‘fly’ in the dark of the night while there is a performance.

MusiARQ - COBO Architecture
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MusiARQ - COBO Architecture
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MusiARQ - COBO Architecture
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