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Niagara Falls Pavilion

Project excluded due to technical difficulties

The first drop of water

Brief: "A place where you can experience new forms of leisure, giving value to the environment and not overlapping it"

Concept of the competition: "A gathering space"

2019 / Competition






Manuel Aires Mateus, Fran Silvestre,

Sevak Asatrián



Niagara Falls

EEUU & Canada

This project goes back to its origin, looking for the first drop that fell on a horizontal level of water, altering its serenity.

Synthesizing the movements and waves caused by the primitive drop on a horizontal plane, this project studies the waves, lines, masses, gaps, and volumes, and serves as an element that questions the space.

  • Open – closed

  • Inside – outside

  • Immobile – in action

The graphics of E. Chillida’s hands help to understand the gravitation between empty and full, being able to articulate the elements by their tension and their materiality.

This project is therefore developed in 3 different volumes that will be connected by the lower level, where there is a social enclave with an entrance open to the public and offices, a lookout restaurant with a mooring area for boats, and a meditation well that will be around it but below the water level.

The entrance to this complex is hidden.


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