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Pilgrim Hostel / Ruins of San Antón

Santiago Pilgrimage Route Stage

Brief: "Hostel with social gathering areas"

Concept of the project: "Recovery of the ruins for its contemplation"

2016 / Architectural Design VII



E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Valladolid




Burgos, Spain

The state of the existing in relation to the landscape induces a romantic interpretation of the complex and leads to imagine it as a work constructed from Friedrich's paintings.


The program is divided into two different parts. The first one is inside the ruins, dedicated to the reflection and contemplation of the historical complex; and the other one is outside, destined to the rest modules, which are based on the idea of the annexed cloister.

In the inside part, we want the interaction of the visitor and the place to happen, through the net that covers the ruin and rises in height. This allows us to see the landscape from a unique point of view; and at the same time, from the zone that is below the net, we can find that light reduction that is noticeable when entering a church, without forgetting about the feeling of welcome and also allowing to contemplate the ruin.


The outside, we could think it is like a group of small streets around an introverted cloister, that closes in on itself, gaining absolute privacy.


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