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Sport Citadel - True Acropolis of competitiveness

Gold Mention

Competitiveness is one of the main characteristics of human biology: life itself is a competition for survival

Brief: "Creation of an arena and its sport citadel"

Concept of the competition: "Prior to a training space, it will be a space to live"

2019 / Competition



Young Architects Competiotions



Peter Eisenman, Hitoshi Abe, Dang Qun, Gianluca Mazza, Andrea Maffei



Mappano, Turin

Piamonte, Italy

Sport citadel aims to generate a true acropolis of com­petitiveness. It will be a global reference to practice, study, and celebrate multiple disciplines. Prior to a train­ing space, it will be a space to live. It will be a space where to materialize the dream of harmony, overcoming limits, and pursuit of excellence, in which the sport prac­tice is grounded. It will be a unique and fascinating challenge. In fact, de­signing an area means creating a sanctuary for the display of the sporting spectacle.


Moreover, it means giving a reference to the community. It means creating a place where to hope and rejoice, be moved and touched. Here, thousands of hearts can be turned on in unison by one of the passions that have always been inflaming men and women of all times: sport.

Sport Citadel  - COBO Architecture
Sport Citadel  - COBO Architecture
Sport Citadel  - COBO Architecture