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The Wave / Island of Arts

Selected project

A space for activities related to art and culture

Brief: "A space for people involved in the world of art"

Concept of the competition: "The proposal should aspire to be an obligatory visit for tourists in Venice"

2019 / Competition






Caroline Bos, David Basulto, Ricardo Flores, Iñaqui Carnicero



Riva dei Sette Martiri

Venice, Italia

When the sun appears over the horizon and the sea is calm, its tiny reflections give the sensation that time and life are standing still, waiting for someone to wake them up. However, Venice is just the opposite, it is that lively, colorful city, that, like time, is wearing out.

Like that wave that never remains constant, on which the elements act and whose movement invades the tranquility of the city.

Reducing the moments lived to small waves in time.

The formal composition emerges after an analysis of the Venetian palaces.

Apart from the concept of movement, we rely on a faithful reinterpretation of the common aspects:

  • Rhythmic and luminous facades

  • Structure perpendicular to the facade

  • Structure in ornamentation

  • Pale pink color tones

  • Open / closed proportion

  • Facade alignment

  • Lookouts above the portico


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