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Tree House Module


Living among trees is a bouquet of sensations. It is a well-structured and complex composition of visions and illusions.

Brief: "Design at least 2 modules. Module 1 dimension: max. 65 m3; Module 2 dimension: max. 100 m3"

Concept of the competition: "The tree house is the materialization of a desire for adventure, reconciliation with nature."

2020 / Competition



Young Architects Competitions



Patrik Lüth (SNØHETTA), Matthew Johnson (Dillier Scofidio + Renfro), Giulio Rigoni (BIG), Peter Pichler Architecture,Tue Hesselberg Foged (EFFEKT Architects), Romain Delaume (DARTAGNANS), Espen Surnevik, Marco Lavit (Atelier Lavit), etc...



La Mothe Chandeniers, France

We all dreamt about it, designed it and longed for it. The luckiest ones owned one. For sure, few people can say that the tree house was not one of their greatest childhood aspirations.


In fact, the tree house is maybe one of the first and most shared archetypes of architecture. It is the shelter of childhood. It is the safe place. It is the stronghold where to feel independent and keep the adult world at a distance. It is an inaccessible place suspended between sky and trees. It is the scenery and projection of extremely exciting adventures.


Once children become adults, the tree house often turns into a distant memory or an unfulfilled dream. Among all adults, architects have an extraordinary privilege. They can build their own childhood desires.


We try to rediscover through the folds of memory the moments spent imaging what their refuge would be like. Architects will evoke those days spent sketching it on sheets of paper. Consequently, through the language and knowledge of adults it will be possible to dream again of a world of silence brushed by the wind and populated by squirrels and birds.


Indeed, the tree house is more than a place. The suspended shelter is more than a space. The tree house is the materialization of a desire for adventure, a spurt of creativity, reconciliation with nature. It is a desire for peace and serenity that any adult in any part of the world has never stopped dreaming about.


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