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New Trifoglio Area / Politecnico di Milano Campus

Mandatory transfer of rights to Politecnico di Milano

Selected and published: “Città Studi, Campus Sostenibile”

Intervention to give new uses and character to a disused area

Brief: "Reimagine the area"

Concept of the project: "Game of contrasts between organics and geometrics shapes"

2015 / Urban Simulation



Politecnico di Milano



Via Edoardo Bonardi

Milano, Italy

Reformation of the social gathering area ‘Trifoglio’, in the Polytechnic University of Milan This is made through a requalification of the spaces, giving them new uses and eliminating dissuasive elements that degrade the spatial quality.


The project aims to destroy the rough geometry of the surrounding building. We change the space with natural curvy lines. All those lines will reflect the flow and movements of users inside the area of intervention.


The physical sensations are really important to choose the main focus points in the project, as they are the ones determining the experiences of thousands of people throughout the years.


We decided to remove the footbridge supports to obtain a more fluid communication at the bottom, with the handrail being the structural truss. Bands for outdoor work are included in depressions in the terrain and where the covered part can be maintained as bands of garden spaces where you can relax.


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